How I create a portrait

Preliminary photos

I took lots of photos of Frank and Ava. The owners liked this one of Ava.

I took several photos of Ava and Frank

Their owners chose their favorite photos


I used Ava from the left photo and Frank from this one

Detail of Ava


Ava is an adorable and feisty little Westie

Detail of Frank


Frank is a sweet, gentle soul

The final painting


The painting is on a gallery wrapped canvas that is painted around the deep  edges and hangs like a shallow box with no frame

Pet Portrait ideas

Oil portrait of labs


This is a group portrait of my labs done in oil on board from a photograph of the three of them. Pet portraits can be done in any medium. All I need is good quality reference photographs to create my animal paintings 

Group portraits in oil


Sometimes I work from several photos and put them together in the painting. Portrait prices range from $200 -$1000 depending on medium and size and number of animals

Colored pencil drawing


This little Frenchie was done in colored pencil from a photograph supplied by the buyer. She was giving it as a present. Colored pencil portraits are usually smaller and take less time than an oil or watercolor painting.

Watercolor from photos


This lab was painted in watercolor from several photos. The lab was combined with a photo of the marshes of the Westport River. An animal can easily be combined with a background. Watercolor portraits start at $350 and are usually at least 10 x 12

Watercolor of a Kitty


Kitties can be done in any medium as well. This is a watercolor of Oliver on his favorite pillow in his window seat. 

Let's design a portrait!


This Rottie has a couple of little pencil sketches beneath the watercolor. Go to the home page to email me or We can work together to design exactly what you're hoping for in a portrait of your favorite animal.