About commissioned paintings

 Many of my paintings are done on commission. Portraits may be done from  photographs. I prefer to take my own and lots of them but if it’s not  the right season or too far away, I certainly can work from your photos,  if they really show the animal well. If a professional photographer  took the photo, I’d need that photographer’s permission. I prefer to  work from several photos. For example, if the ears are not forward in  one, but they are in another and the eyes are closed, I can put them  together. I need to see the photos to see what is involved. 

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.   You can see that this painting of my horse, Reno, was done from a rather  poor photo, but it did show his attitude, so I was able to work with  it. You can see also, how an oil portrait develops. They take longer  because I allow the painting to dry somewhat between layers. 

 Watercolors start at $500.00, matted and mounted.  Oils, on canvas, start at $1000.00. I also do some pencil portraits and  some pastels. Gift certificates for portraits and paintings are also  available. Look at the samples on this website. See which ones  you like and email me with your questions or ideas. I’d love to discuss  the possibilities with you. I LOVE painting animals but great locations  and interesting lighting are challenging and exciting, as well. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my art.