Animal Drawings and Prints



All of my prints are artist prints meaning I create the plate from which the prints are made and I do the printing. This is a woodcut. I hand cut the design out of wood and then ink it up and print it.



To create an engraving, I hand etch lines into a zinc plate. Then I fill them with ink and run the plate ttrough a press to transfer the ink to paper. Usually the prints are numbered in editions. This is an edition of only 8



A lithograph looks more like a drawing. The drawing is done with a grease pencil on a big flat stone. The stone is then treated so that the area of the drawing will attract the ink. The stone is then run through a press. Each time it is printed, it needs to be retreated and inked



In an etching, acid is used to "etch" the lines and tonal areas into a metal plate. The plate is then inked and printed on a press

Colored Woodcut


This woodcut print was handcolored with pencils. Any medium can be added to a print to create a one of a kind, monoprint


Graphite (pencil)


These are my labs. I was working with different groupings and a sense of space. I wanted Millie to appear closer than Sienna in the back. I love to investigate ways of making marks in pencil and how to create depth



Charcoal is so black! Its like velvet. Plus, its so messy and you can really push it around and cover large areas quickly. I added the bird to the reference photo that I used to make the drawing more fun. Animal drawings can be very dramatic in charcoal.

Colored Pencil


Colored pencil allows for more control. Details like fur and eyes can be carefully and exactly rendered in colored pencil. Colors can still be very rich when layered and intense when I really press down.